As the Upendo Village organization set out to establish itself in 2004 on its new location, Karai, part of this ambitious plan was to have a hall where students would meet as well as our clients. Our hall was opened on 6th November 2007. Nevertheless, we have always wanted to equip our hall and make it part of the several programs that help sustain Upendo Village as an institution whose mission is to spread the gospel message of love to families affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. Eventually, we were very fortunate to be able to fully equip and furnish it for use as a conference facility through funding from the Rotary Club of Naperville, USA. We are forever grateful to them.

Our display screen is one of the largest in town and this is to ensure that every point is clear from any position. Our seats were locally made as we ardently believe in supporting local brands. Also, in our endeavor to ensure that you have the most comfortable time during conferences/meetings, we requested that the chairs be made with a sitting cushion 3-inches thick. The sound system is impeccable, to say the least. Below is an album of the beautiful conference hall whose transformation was completed in January 2022. For more information or enquiries about our conferencing services, kindly contact us through +254 727 970 010 or contact our marketing team on +254 724 989 307.

We welcome you all!